Rush me not, Impatience, there are stories here to heal,
Body shaped by bones,
A home a heart can start to feel in
And realising there’s no last piece for no final hole,
I’m joining up this jigsaw of a soul

Hold me baby now
Let the loving soak into the bones
Hold me honey now
So I can feel the safety of the heart
Something stops, there it lies,
Gathered by the kindness in your eyes

In many ways I’ve found a ground that I can call my own,
Child to woman, trusting, traveling
Through this life alone
And who’s to say or know what depths
I’m diving into here
Or judge a single one of the million tears?

Hold me baby now
I’m saying that I’m worthy of the best that love can give
Hold me honey now
Yeah this is no-one else’s life but mine to live, and here it is –
It’s all I need and nothing much
Gathered by the sureness of your touch

So hold me baby now
Let the loving soak into these bones
Just be real with me now
And let me know the safety of the heart
It’s all I need and no big deal,
There’s only This,
Now gathered by the newness of your kiss