Real Test

Sing me the dissonance
Paint me contortions
Show me your heart at its darkest
Then let me love you
And wish nothing further
Baby for me that’s the real test

Let all the currents of
Your deepened ocean
Sweep me and tumble me under
Help me accept all states
Of your weather
Nail me up, hey that’s the real test

Could it be we don’t see
What’s floating in and around our vision?
All the time we are just wishing,
Wishing for something from a fantasy
Let us find a way to free us….

You think it’s something I’ve got to learn
Then for us all will just follow
Though I don’t see it,
This heart can forgive that too
Baby for me that’s the real test
Baby you know it’s the real test
I’m telling you so that’s the real test
Letting you know bout the real test
I’m helping to show us the real test
Baby you know that’s the real test
Coming and going and
To-ing and fro-ing and
Ending up back at the real test