Century of the Self


Take what you want, take what you need
Show me your truth (even) if it hurts
Let’s see your dirty laundry, flash me your teeth
Trample on the name that you cursed
Call me everything under the sun
Your century of the self has begun

Christmas and Coldplay, kisses and foreplay
I miss all the stuff that was ours
Sometimes it seems about time
To put an end to this nonsense
And beg you to come back home to me
Cause ‘home’ doesn’t have to be that old house
And marriage isn’t always the same old vows……

Well she came out if nowhere, voluptuous and heavenly,
Her breasts singing songs of freedom
But what was her name now – Amelia, Amalia, Emily?
But she let me feel it all in her arms –
Tenderness then emptiness, yeah
We’re meeting in the middle of a mess

I drink to your health and to the century of the self
I’ll wait for the warmth of our sad old hearts to melt the ice
From the cold windows panes, til whenever…..

And now she’s long gone
And everything is as it should be
I wanted her to stay and go away
I think we had some mutual healing,
Open, revealing,
Souls on the wing through the day
And egos asleep for the night, yeah
The century of the self was alright.